I’m definitely feeling this track and video from Miss Nicki Minaj. I’m not usually a Nicki fan, but this one had me going.

The content is legit, most these dudes out here are ain’t nothing more than Lookin Asses.

The song is brilliant in the way it counters all these male rappers. Male rappers are always rapping about bitches and hoes and Nicki kills it by calling out all these Lookin Ass N*****. Love it!



Stussy Vancouver has just put together a lookbook for their new Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, featuring  model Adrianne Ho. The shoot was photographed by Fahim Kassam, which shows Adrianne Ho sporting some impressive pieces from the brand.

Pics after the jump.

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So, I’m a fan of New York’s Hip Hop morning show, Power105 The Breakfast Club.  The Breakfast Club has a personality host, Angela Yee and she’s on the new VH1 reality series The Gossip Game.  Now, I was thinking the same thing as you are! Another ratchet ass reality series?  Well yes, so far, there has been some ratchet activities but this reality show is actually focusing on more than just the drama.  Two episodes in and they’ve covered things like women in Hip Hop.  Not only in the rap game but also in the blogging, journalist, editorial, and etc aspects of Hip Hop as well. Working your way up and battling for respect.  Rivalry and beef is and will always be a part of the Hip Hop culture, and in the show there definitely is Rivalry for the #1 spot.  If you ain’t number 1, you ain’t hot.

But watching the show has been quite inspirational to me.  I mean these women are doing what they love most and they’re basically living the life.  I’m not sure if I’m too old to say this but, that’s pretty much my dream job lol.  Who wouldn’t love to report Hip Hop when you live for Hip Hop.

So watching these women moving up in the blogging world, it inspired me to become more consistent with blogging.  I didn’t realize how much time goes into blogging.  I mean granted you are researching what you are interested in but time can be so limited.  I’ll just have to learn how to balance 🙂

Researching has brought new ideas already.  Next is personalizing the blog. I’m excited!


So I’m late on reporting, but J. Cole did drop something for us exactly a week ago – an EP with 5 tracks. Then another song I heard on Power 105; I’m assuming it’s the first single off the album, Born Sinner.


“It’s time.

I appreciate you giving me the time I needed to grow, experiment, and find the direction for my 2nd album.. And I have.
Along the way I’ve recorded at least 4 albums worth of material, lots of it being unfinished demo versions waiting to be polished up, some of them are great songs and important stories that just won’t make the album (either they don’t fit Sonically, don’t fit Theme, or there’s just not enough space) .

Tonight, I want to give you a few of these songs because you deserve them. It’s hard as fuck for me to keep all this music from you for so long, so I know it’s been hard for you to wait. Thank you for your patience. Vibe out to these songs in their raw form, no polish.. just a lot of my soul..

The wait is over.

Truly Yours,

Born Sinner

Truly Yours

PS- 1st single coming this week. The album is hands down my best work yet. Can’t wait to share.”

I really felt like, as a fan, he’s been gone for a minute. But in that time, he has created a great EP.

I really wasn’t expecting much because I have been let down by one of my favorites, Wale. So I’ve been trying to keep the excitement to a regular. But J. Cole really did put a lot of soul in these 5 tracks. He got me vibing. Something I feel that Wale has lost, soul. But on to the main focus…

J. Cole’s story telling is on point. Every song with a purpose, a story to be told. He really has used that time to grow with his music. I’m not sure if he’s still producing is own tracks, but the EP felt so right as a whole.

My favorite track? I’d have to say, Stay. The delivery, the soul – he really just got me on this one.

I heard J. Cole’s new single (Power Trip Ft Miguel) off his upcoming album this week. I think it’s hot but, I know a lot of people are gonna say it’s too mainstream. I say hey, as long as you keep making some raw shit like with his EP, why not get the best of both? The label will always need a more commercial sound but either way, he’s still making great music.

Man, blogging is a lot more than I thought it was. No wonder blogging is a job! On top of that you have to be on top of the things you want to blog about. That means knowing the first of the firsts and such. Needs to be current. Research. Definitely takes a lot more time than I expected. You need a good camera for outfits lol. Oh so much more than I thought. But I’m going to continue to keep trying. There’s definitely a few things I want blog about tonight 🙂

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