As we all know, Beyonce pretty much looks good in just about everything! But lately, she’s been instagraming pictures with patterns and it’s definitely working.  Well for her at least, cause prints just aren’t my thing! w680I‘ve got to say, this is probably one of my favorite outfits from her instagram!  I love the pants.w680




I was on Complex’s website and saw their article, 25 Under 25: The Young Leaders of Style.  It was so inspiring to see what some of these guys are doing and what they’ve already accomplished!  Especially at such a young age!  It definitely motivates me to pursue my passion in fashion.  As long as the passion’s there, I really do believe anything is possible!

Well here are a couple of the guys I thought was very inspiring & with a style I liked!

Michael Jaworoski | Haberdash/ Buyer | 22

Nico Lazaro | Ovadia & Sons/Blogger | 24

Mark Anthony Green | GQ Editorial Assistant | 24



Growing up in upstate New York, Timberlands were always the boots that everyone always had.  As time has passed, Timbs are still as popular as ever, at least in street wear and in Hip Hop.  Timbs has always been a New York swag, but it seems to be popular every where else now.  I remember back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, color Timbs were becoming popular – boy am I glad that is not a trend anymore!    The original wheat nubuck is the pair of Timberlands that will never go out of style.  I did purchase the 14″ black/black Timbs a couple years back and I love them still!

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased an original park of wheat nubuck – I might just have to get some this year!

The best part about Fall is, oversized sweaters (& of course boots!) !!! I love them because they are just so comfy and yet, you can still look cute!  Let’s be honest, you don’t hear comfortable and fashionable together often. You can do a lot with this look, you can dress it up with some booties/pumps or dress it down with flats or combat boots (my personal favorite).  And of course, a scarf always makes it a perfect look!

The Peplum trend has continued from Spring to Fall - I am so glad!  This is one of the trends that look great on any type of body!  As a curvier girl, the Peplum style is very flattering.  It hides everything I want it to!  And for thinner woman, it adds a little shape to them.  The best thing about Peplum would be that it works for everyone!